Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Emails on Raul Reyes' Laptop: Noticias Uno

Police investigator: there were no e-mails on computer Raúl Reyes

An anti-terrorism investigator of the Colombian police said no e-mails were found on the computer of slain FARC commander Raúl Reyes. Investigators only found Word documents, Noticias Uno reported Tuesday.

Captain Ronald Hayden Coy Cortiz declared before the prosecution that e-mail addresses were found in the Word documents, but that there were no e-mails on the computers.

"We haven't seen any e-mails, I haven't found them so far. They found a large number of e-mail addresses, but Reyes kept these in a Word document and other Microsoft documents," the investigator said in his testimony.

Coy Cortiz made the statements in the investigation of an Ecuadorean politician with alleged ties to the guerrillas. Several journalists and politicians are accused of having ties to the guerrillas.

Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos insists e-mails were found on the computers. "Many people are worried about the e-mails and are trying to strip them of their judicial value and defend themselves like that, but the e-mails are proof now, also in Spain," Santos said.

Reyes was killed in an attack on his Ecuadorean camp on March 1, 2008. His alleged computers have been subject to controversy since. The Colombian government claims the content incriminates the governments of Venezuela and Ecuador and a number of politicians and journalists.