Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nasa Leader's NY Visit Last Week Captured on YOU-TUBE

Hello people,

As many of you know, Rafael Coicué, Nasa leader from Corinto, Cauca and representative of the ACIN, was recently in New York City for a series of meetings with community members, trade union activists, NGOs at the United Nations, and media interviews on WBAI Radio, Caracol Radio and some local newspapers.

Several friends who got together in the last minute to organize these meetings tell me everything went really well, and the committed people of New York's activist community responded positively to his message of resistance, as tens of thousands of people were mobilizing in the Popular Minga in Cauca.

A part of his talk at a community center in Astoria, Queens, organized by the Movement for Peace in Colombia, was recorded and posted on You Tube. I suggest you check it out, and if you have a chance, share it with some friends who want to get more details about the reasons for the indigenous and popular mobilization of the last several weeks.

There are two parts to this brief video posting, the first one features an introduction by Indigenous Activist and Broadcaster Tiokasin Ghosthorse, who welcomes Rafael with some words of solidarity.

I want to thank everybody who worked on making Rafael's visit to Washington and New York a success in terms of north-south solidarity, especially given the relative blackout in the US media about what is going on in Colombia right now. Along with testifying before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights of the OAS, Rafael was also featured on CNN en Español, Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now, and made contact with many individuals committed to changing the relationship between the US and the people of Colombia.

Special thanks to: Ramon Mejía, Brian Drolet, Jesus Avirama, Charlie Roberts, Critina Espinel, Natalia Cardona, Karah Woodward, Jose Schiffino, and of course, Tiokasin Ghosthorse.



javy/jguzman@348-s.org said...

Hello Mario, you do not know me but I heard a lot good things about you, I work as a union organizer for UFCW international union, I invite the recording secretary of my local who was very impresed by Rafael Coicue, about his history and the indigenous movement at this moment we are asking our interntional to donate to their cause, and we are trying to develop a net of solidarity thru Laccla, change to win coalition, different local unions
and community groups to help the indigenous cause and help them keep their land and their way of living we all should learn from them; live in harmony with naure.
we also in contact with Javier Correa to help the strike of SINALCORTEROS,
peace my brother
Javier Guzman UFCW

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