Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Defamation Against Journalists and Activists in Colombia


I share this urgent email from our friends at La Chiva, which is about a recent article in Cambio magazine which once again targets independent journalists and committed activists who have been working for years to expose the truth about the dirty war against the indigenous movement in Colombia.

It specifically revolves around the award-winning investigative reporter Hollman Morris, and Physician and social justice activist Manuel Rozental, a close friend and a key member of the Communication Team of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca. Read below, and we'll be keeping you posted in the coming days about this latest attempt to defame and silence these courageous voices in Colombia! Below is the message from La Chiva.

Manuel's personal response was posted on the ACIN's website, so I urge you to circulate this far and wide in order to set the record straight. The Communication Team of ACIN also posted an important statement about this report. Meanwhile, Holman Morris had his own response, which you can see by visiting his website at Contravia, one of the most important television news programs in the country.

Remember that the tools of disinformation at the disposal of the "dark forces of terror" in Colombia are great, so the role of solidarity here is essential to protect the dignity and indeed the lives of Holman and Manuel.


Hello Friends,

We share the following article written by Justin Podur on the latest attack against the ACIN's Tejido de Comunicación in Northern Cauca.

As Justin explains below, this latest defamation, directed against internationally reknowned journalist Holman Morris and Manuel Rozental, a key collaborator with the Tejido and Colombia's indigenous movement, constitutes yet another threat against the process in Cauca. It is but the latest in a string of attacks directed at silencing those most vocal in their opposition to the integral aggression faced by communities in Colombia.

In October of last year, the Colombian magazine CAMBIO declared the same Tejido de Comunicacion one of the country's most influential 'people' for their decisive role in the massive popular mobilizations that culminated in the ongoing Minga Social y Comunitaria. The recognition of this influence is followed by the same magazine's publication of baseless lies directed against the organization's members. The consequence of these lies, in the context of Colombia, is a death threat. The strategy of the Uribista project is to debilitate the effectiveness of the Tejido's locally, nationally and internationally successful communications strategy through the tactics of terror.

These baseless lies are the weapons of the death project and can only be confronted by resounding and collective condemnation. This must be followed closely. The Tejido and its members urgently require our accompaniment as they once again courageously stare terror in the face.

La Chiva

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