Thursday, November 20, 2008

Minga Popular Arrives in Bogotá Later Today

The Indigenous and Popular Mobilization that left Cali on November 10th but actually began in La Maria, Piendamó on October 11th, will be making its final push to Bogotá this morning, and is expected to arrive from Soacha at about 1:00pm local time.

They will converge on the campus of the National University, despite the authorities' earlier rejection of their presence. It looks like the incredible solidarity that the MINGA has received from all over Colombia and around the world had an impact on forcing the University to change its mind and permit the 10,000-plus participants to stay on campus for the next several days.

On Friday, they begin a march from the National University to downtown Bogotá, where they will be converging for a massive rally in the Plaza Simón Bolivar. They are expecting to have another debate with the government about the Minga's five-point agenda, although by the looks of things, it appears that the mobilization's impact has already served its purpose: the launching of a popular movement that will resist the "security" and economic development plans of the current administration.

Over the last several days, representatives of the various organizations behind the Minga have been meeting with student groups, political organizations, trade union activists, and other sectors, trying to engage in a dialogue about the future course of the Minga. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Below I share with you an important essay, in Spanish, written by the Tejido de Comunicación of ACIN and the people at Actualidad Étnica. There will be more to come in the next several days.

La Minga continúa a pesar de la represión contra quiénes se siguen sumando


Autor: Actualidad Étnica y Tejido de Comunicación ACIN

“Nosotros salimos a volantiar con el comunicado de la propuesta de la Minga al Transmilenio, cuando recorrimos dos estaciones en la Estación de Ricaute, nos tenían montado todo un operativo con 20 policías y nosotros sólo éramos 5 personas. Nos bajaron del bus, fueron muy agresivos y nos amenazaron con llevarnos. Mientras llegaba la patrulla llamamos a Derechos Humanos y llegaron algunas personas de Nomadesc y Cristianos por la Paz, quiénes exigieron levantar un acta de lo sucedido con los detenidos informando que falta habíamos cometido”, aseguró uno de los estudiantes.

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